Bio-Organic Catalyst Applications




  • Bio-Catalytic Soil Conditioning and Nutrient Optimization.

Learn more about Agriculture applications.

Anaerobic_Digestion_circleAnaerobic Digestion

  • Optimizing Anaerobic Digestion Systems.

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  • Improvement of Aquaculture Operations.

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Bio_Catalytic_Cleaning_CircleBio-Catalytic Cleaning

  • Advanced Bio-Catalytic Solutions.

Learn more about Bio-Catalytic Cleaning applications.

composting_animal_husbandryComposting & Animal Care

  • Odor Control and Accelerated Composting Rates.

Learn more about Composting & Animal Care applications.

Cleaning_of_Petroleum_Hydrocarbon_CircleHydrocarbon Cleaning/Remediation

  • Accelerated Degradation of Hydrocarbons.

Learn more about Hydrocarbon Cleaning/Remediation applications.

Paper_Pulp_CirclePulp and Paper

  • Improving Environmental Maintenance.

Learn more about Pulp and Paper applications.

Waste_Water_CircleWastewater Treatment & Collection Systems

  • Aeration, Biosolids, and Collection Systems.

Learn more about Wastewater Treatment & Collection Systems applications.

Water_Purification_CircleWater Clarification

  • Water Clarity and Mineralization Treatment.

Learn more about Water Clarification applications.