Agriculture – Bio-Catalytic Soil Conditioning & Nutrient Optimization



Phyto-Zyme® is an advanced bio-catalytic composition offering a revolutionary breakthrough that enhances the microbial health of soils and delivers nutrients to support optimum plant growth. It Consists of a highly nutrient rich composition of plant growth factors, with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, for promoting aerobic soil conditions and water percolation throughout the soil layers.

Phyto-Zyme® improves the microbiological conditions within the soil, thus directly impacting root growth and the optimization of nutrient uptake. It improves nitrogen fixation, thereby lowering the amount of fertilizer usage required for plant growth. It enhances oxygen transfer and breakdown of biological film growth, which offers benefits in hydroponic systems, turf maintenance, and issues of water percolation, by preventing anaerobic conditions due to poor water drainage, or dry conditions due to lack of adequate biomass health within the soil subsurface.


Benefits Include:

  • Improves Moisture Penetration and Retention
  • Increases the Soil’s Ability to Release Nutrients Assists Microorganism Activity
  • Improves Plant Growth and Yields



Literature Downloads:

Case Study: Use of Bio-Organic Catalyst Phyto-Zyme® Treatment of Agricultural, Moscow Region
Case Study: Use of Bio-Organic Catalyst Phyto-Zyme® for treatment on Olive Farms