AQ-Plus & AQ-C28

AQ-Plus® & AQ-C28®

AQ-Plus® & AQ-C28®


Crystal Clear Water Clarity – Pools, Spas, Fountains, and Waterfalls

  • Reduces Chemical Usage.
  • Helps Prevent Scaling.
  • Saves on Maintenance Costs.
  • Keeps Filters Cleaner.
  • Compatible with all filtration systems and other sanitizing chemicals.


AQ-Plus® and AQ-C28® is a breakthrough new green chemistry that leads to a new model in water care. They work by increasing dissolved oxygen levels and rapidly catalyzing organic contaminants, resulting in absolutely crystal clear water. This extraordinary capability makes it possible to substantially reduce the use of harsh chemicals and providing the highest level of water safety.

They are applied directly into the water or added to the filter system.  They will begin to immediately break down any organic elements in the water,as well as preventing surface staining and mineralization scaling. AQ-Plus® and AQ-C28® will decrease the need for chemicals, backwashing, scale removers, clarifiers, filter cleaners or acid washing.


Literature Downloads:

Safety Data Sheet, AQ-Plus®
Safety Data Sheet, AQ-C28®


Residential Pools: add one ounce of AQ-Plus® and AQ-C28® for each 5,000 gallons of water weekly.

Commercial Pools: add one ounce of AQ-Plus® and AQ-C28® for each 25,00 gallons of water weekly.

AQ-Plus® and AQ-C28®  are non-toxic, non-caustic, and safe to handle with a recommended shelf life of two years. May be stored with confidence at temperatures below 125F /50°C.
Water, highly purified bio-organic catalysts from plant and mineral sources, bio-surfactants.
Keep out of the reach of children. If product from this container splashes in eyes, rinse well with water.