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Before & After using Bio-Organic Catalyst Products

EcoCatalyst® – Advanced Bio-Catalytic Treatment of Solid Wastes & Sewers

EcoCatalyst® consists of a highly nutrient rich composition of mircobial growth factors, with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that affects breaking of molecular bonds through the mechanism of beta-oxidation. EcoCatalyst® is applied through spray systems, direct pump injection, power washers, or any type of wash down system, at various dilutions depending upon the application being treated.  Learn more about EcoCatalyst®.

Cleaning of a stone tile floor permeated with oily stains and embedded dirt using EcoCatalyst®

Before                                                                         After


EcoSystem Plus® – Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes

EcoSystem Plus® consists of a highly nutrient rich composition of microbial growth factors, with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that activate multiple improvements in the interconnected biological processes utilized within all wastewater treatment facilities.  EcoSystem Plus® is dosed at extremely high dilutions directly into the wastewater influent, through aeration systems, or sludge feed lines, with standard chemical injection pumps. Learn more about EcoSystem Plus®.


Before treatment of FOG, mass was dense and hard, after 11 days FOGs were eliminated and could not reform EcoSystem Plus®

Before                                           After



EcoCatalyst Green® – Advanced Bio-Catalytic Deep Cleaning and Odor Control

EcoCatalyst Green® use transforms any environment, home or commercial facility, to the most amazingly clean and odor-free state, far surpassing any other cleaning solution available on the market. EcoCatalyst Green® is best used as a kitchen degreaser, oven cleaner, on grills, and for bathrooms odors, and tile and grout cleaner. Learn more about EcoCatalyst Green®.


Drains cleaned using EcoCatalyst Green®

Before                                                                        After








Results using a pressure washing machine on the pavement with EcoCatalyst Green®

Before                                          After












Eccomate® – Municipal & Industrial Odor Control

EccoMate® contains a highly nutrient rich composition; with enhanced gas transfer characteristics, that are able to break down molecular bonds through the mechanism of ‘beta-oxidation’. EccoMate® is specifically directed at odor neutralization and composting optimization. Learn more aboutEccomate®.

Odor free composting using Eccomate®

Before                                      After